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Paint colour availability by year with an illustration of that colour
Paint & Trim colour availability by year

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The meaning of the commission number


Clubs dedicated to the Stag or Triumph cars
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Scans of magazine acticles on the Stag


Commercially available models of the Stag

My Stag:

Why I wanted one and restoring the one I bought


Original Triumph part numbers cross-referenced with Lucas, Burlen & Rimmer Bros equivalents where applicable
Stanpart hardware by category
BS-AU7 vehicle wiring colour code


Stag brochures - UK
Stag brochures - USA
Triumph range brochures
Triumph price lists - UK
Triumph price lists - USA
Colour & Trim combinations
Miscellaneous - launch press pack & photos, This Is Triumph
Lucas catalogues for Triumph cars

Production sites:

The Canley & Speke sites - then & now


Engine numbers
Engine specification
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Transmission specification
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